Jobing in Social Media uses social media to help connect local employers with local job seekers. Whether it's tweeting jobs, enabling Facebook fans to share employment opportunities with their networks, or sharing photos of community events, we are committed to utilize social media technologies to help people find better jobs and career opportunities to improve their lives.

Below you'll find all of the places you can connect with in social media. If you are looking to socialize your recruiting efforts, learn more about Jobing Technology Services.
Facebook gives the ability to interact and communicate with the job seekers and clients we serve in the local community. On our Facebook page you'll find engaging articles about employment, multimedia content, and recent job postings that can be shared with your network.

So go ahead, become a fan of on Facebook!

Twitter gives the ability to interact and communicate with the job seekers and clients we serve here in Phoenix. Whether it's tweeting about local employment news, events, or simply the "Job of The Day," Twitter enables to be your source for everything employment related in Phoenix.

We've organized our Twitter accounts so that you only receive real and relevant tweets. You can follow our CEO (@jobing), interact with our Phoenix Team, or simply subscribe to our job type accounts that provide industry specific tweets of job postings.

Phoenix Job Type Accounts is in a unique position to capture photos and videos from local community events. Flickr enables to share these photos to industry specific groups in order to facilitate professional connections and help build employment communities.

We invite you to join these groups and upload your photos to be a part of the Flickr fun!